Japanese SDF

Not many people would appreciate the significance of this story. I do. While in Okinawa I remember being fascinated by the fact that the Japanese did not have an army or navy. It was especially poignant since I was in the Navy at the time.

The first reference I remember hearing to any kind of “military” infrastructure there was the existence of these self defense forces. There was a large MSDF (Maritime Self Defense Force) base in Naha, the capitol of Okinawa. I also remember thinking at some point, “They do not have to pay the unbelievable costs to raise, develop and maintain armies or navies as we do in the U.S., allowing for the possibilities of a stronger economy.”

Add to this the strong anti-war sentiments of the population that still exist from the days of WWII, it should be interesting to watch how this develops as the forces sent to Iraq suffer their first and subsequent losses.

Japan redefines ‘self-defense’ | csmonitor.com

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