The future of public transportation?

I remember finding a PDF or PowerPoint presentation about these some time ago. They make me think of futuristic movies (“Minority Report,” “Demolition Man,” others) where these technologies existed.

Having been a user of public transportation in the form of buses, light rail systems and taxis, I can say I’d gladly pay to use these systems over what I already have been exposed to. Smaller, quicker, automated, hopefully cleaner and quieter, I can’t think of anything against them.

The argument that the tracks might be “unsightly” is ludicrous as I have never been to a city that did not already have garish billboards or other visual abominations already in place. And the cheaper construction costs make this deserving of another look and serious consideration. Who needs to spend the millions on another busway or light rail stop in Pittsburgh, for instance, that serve such a small population to begin with. And with the price of gas creeping higher and higher, I’d be willing to pass up the long, frustrating commute in the old Saturn more often for this versus a bus or light rail option.

Doubt I’ll ever see one in Pittsburgh.

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