A sad chapter coming to a close …

Well, after going through all of the angst and consternation of having new neighbors move into the “Old Mancinelli place,” the couple that tried to grab their slice of the American dream are going their separate ways.

I never warmed up to them for various reasons, and ran hot and cold on the boys living there with their father, Tom, whose name I only found out about a week ago after overhearing him introduce himself to Beth across the street. The boys were nice enough but have had to endure some hard times from what I can tell. Tom and their mother are divorced and he was rarely around, and they were mostly left alone by Teri, Tom’s girlfriend for lack of a better word.

After Tom and Teri moved in, I found out they were not married — no big deal really — but the little girl (Jaylin, about 4 or 5) was not their daughter, but hers from someone else. I am the last person to call the kettle black, but none of that seemed to be a good start for moving into a house together (which they overpaid for in my humble opinion) which according to the county website was only in her name.

My estimation of the situation seems to have been correct. I arrived home a little late from work today to find Tom and the boys loading numerous trucks with his and their belongings, Teri on the porch looking lost and being comforted by her mom. I have no idea if she will try to keep the house or not. She seems nice but I’d just like things in the neighborhood to be a little less interesting this summer.

Tom appeared shaken as well throughout the load out. I hope things normalize for the both of them soon and that the boys’ lives normalize as much as possible. It is sad and must have been difficult for them to get to this point. And even more difficult for the children. I worry more about them than anything.

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