A rare day …

I felt compelled to write about the shooting that happened yesterday in downtown Pittsburgh since I was a block away when it happened and it took me several hours to finally regain focus and feel safe again after experiencing it. I was on my way to the campus and was at the corner of 4th and Cherry Way. I heard what sounded like popping noises and thought it was coming from nearby construction sites. When I looked down the street toward Smithfield street, I saw people running into a corner store and other people running toward me, away from the shooting.

I froze and realized what I heard were gunshots. After several seconds of trying to decide what to do, I saw people pointing in my direction and noticed a dark blue car driving at high speed toward me. It turned in front of me and sped toward the Blvd. of the Allies on Cherry Way. I now know it was the car the shooter used to get away. I walked to the corner of 4th and Smithfield and saw the victim lying on the ground, someone kneeling beside him, holding his hand, his other arm flailing about. People were horrified and crying, some calling people on their cell phones. I spoke to a couple of people as the police and eventually paramedics arrived. Shaken, everyone eventually tried to push on with their days.

When I arrived at campus the buildings were under high alert and they were checking IDs. I was unable to clear my mind, thinking about what had happened at Virginia Tech, but it was a different situation, with the shooter in this incident clearly targeting one person. Yet the possibility of such deadly violence exploding around you at any time, hitting this close, will certainly give you pause. After several tall glasses of wine last night I was able to finally slip into a good night’s sleep. But I am sure the memories of this will linger for a few weeks if not longer.

Brazen Downtown shooting wounds 1, stuns onlookers

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