January 5, 2007, Cornwall On Hudson, New York

I was up and out the door by 9 a.m. or so and went right to the Staples in Central Valley after admiring the local wildlife. There was a herd of deer walking all over the estate and I could see tracks everywhere and all around the cottage. Later in the day I saw a large flock of turkeys walking through and numerous birds, including some woodpeckers. There was a cat outside the cottage too and when I called to him, he came up and was very friendly. I found out later from Joe that he belongs to the neighbor over the hill but is a frequent visitor.

The greatest thing about the trip to Staples was that all of the components I wanted for the office were $20 off, so I saved $60. I also picked up some paper, a nice new chair, a chair mat, and it all fit in the car with room to spare.

I still needed some essentials and there was a Wal-Mart right up the road. I filled up whatever little space I had left in the car with a small vacuum, torchier lamp, paper towels, towels, toilet paper, waste basket for the bathroom, shower liner, shower mat, fluorescent bulbs, a few tools and some other items. Quite a spree. I did not get any food though.

On the way back to the cottage before the cable guy was due to show up (between noon and 4 p.m.), I stopped for a coffee at the Dunkin Donuts in Cornwall Plaza. When I was finally waited on, the girl asked me if I wanted cream and sugar. Odd, I thought. They usually just get the coffee and get to doctor it yourself. I figured I’d get coffee with packets and small creamer containers. What I got was coffee with cream and sugar. I really hate regular sugar.

I got back to the cottage and began unpacking, building furniture, cleaning, putting up paper towels and toilet paper, and the cable guy finally showed after 2 p.m. He was quick to set things up and I was up and running online when Joe came over to start fixing the leak in the bathroom sink. Then he ran the water long enough to finally get the sulfur smell cleared out. I really need a shower.

Set up the computer and speakers, printers, etc. Am currently listening to the Steelers game. They are trailing 28-17. Hope I can later write that they won the game.

Getting tire and need some sleep. Hope no ghosts bother me tonight.

What did I learn today … If someone asks if you want cream and sugar in your coffee, tell them cream only and add your favorite sugar substitute later.

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