January 10, 2008, Cornwall On Hudson, New York

Work is still busy and I am getting a good feel for the needs of the faculty here. They are very polite and patient, which I could say for most of the faculty at DU as well. Dr. Evans has been busy since the beginning of the week and I have been working more with Dr. Bonura for the past couple of days on anything outside of Blackboard.

I have been wearing a pedometer that came with the Brita water pitcher I bought the other day. It was working fine the first couple of days as I racked up close to 6,000 steps each day thanks to walks at lunch and parking a little further away from my building than most people would I think. But the pedometer kept falling off and I think at some point broke. It only recorded about 2,500 steps yesterday and I know that was wrong. When I got home yesterday I dug out Connor’s jeweler’s screwdriver set he got me at the Santa’s Workshop sale at school. I brought them along on the outside chance I would need them and within a week I was glad I did.

I took apart the pedometer and fiddled around with a wire that holds the magnet or weight that records the steps. I think I was able to fix it because I was back up over 6,000 steps today. Eating healthier too, so hopefully I will shed a few pounds while I am here. Will check the scale when I get home tomorrow …

After leaving work yesterday I got a little brave and figured I’d try a new route home. I found my way to “Washington Gate” I think they call it and jumped onto Route 218. I have heard a lot about this road. I basically hangs off of Storm King Mountain (I think, there are a lot of mountains here), and is very windy and narrow. It has some spectacular outcroppings along the way, which is why they close it quite often when the weather gets bad. It has a history of rock slides. It also has a great view of the Hudson River Valley. There are a couple of places to stop along the way so I hope to get some photos soon and add them to the collection online for people to see.

Connor’s screwdrivers were the second time yesterday I was connected to him via Santa’s Workshop. My predecessor left a kayaking calendar in the office. It had expired in December and I really am not into kayaking. Connor had bought me a “Scenic America” calendar and I replaced Jeff’s old calendar with Connors. I still need to hang Zachary’s at the cottage. Need to get some of those cool non destructive hangers as the walls here are brand new and I don’t want to leave any of the security deposit behind.

I had to call Fred (company president) yesterday morning too. He had e-mailed me the night before asking me to call. I hoped it was for an online meeting I was to attend yesterday but it sounded a little more important. I was hoping I had not angered a Lt. Col. or anything.

Fred started the conversation with something like, “We got a court order …” and I was expecting some bizarre incident from my past to jump up and bite me in the ass. Well, it was a past incident, but nothing unexpected. “An order to withhold child support.”

“Oh yeah,” I explained. “I let them know about the new position and they take the necessary action in contacting you.”

“That’s fine, we’ll arrange the withholding, just wanted to make sure you knew, when the next payday rolls around,” he said.

“Thanks for the heads up. I knew they would be contacting you.” I debated on letting the company know, but did not have an HR contact to call. Did not sound like it was a big deal, so no problem there.

Spent most of the day thinking about going home tomorrow. Stopped for gas on the way back from work, gathered laundry, figuring out a route home without going through friggin New Jersey …

What have I learned the last couple of days … work is a great distraction, Skype stinks as a video tool and AT&T’s coverage in Cornwall On Hudson really blows. May have to look into Verizon as a new cell provider.

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