January 24, 2008, Cornwall On Hudson, New York

Shame on me, a whole week without a posting.

It was a fantastic weekend at home last weekend. With the MLK holiday on Monday I was able to spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at home. Need more three day weekends …

It was a weekend of watching numbers though. Starting with the drive home where I was able to listen to some new CDs I burned at the cottage. I could not find any blank CDs around the office so I had to buy a pack of 10 from the bookstore on the 4th floor my building. It’s where I got the sweatshirts for the boys for the holiday.

I sort of reorganized and added to the standard CD I usually listed to on the road, full of ambient beats from Underworld, Leftism, Shantel and others, but added a few new ones from Plaid, The Pinker Tones, Mocean Worker, Ryukyu Underground and others. I also burned a CD of nothing but Ocean Blue tunes. I think I included every song of theirs I own. The ambient mix had more than seven and a half hours on it though, so I did not even get to listen to the Ocean Blue CD on the way home.

The smooth tunes flowing from the stereo and soft glow of the GPS counting down the miles was the intro to the weekend. The rest of the counting was watching Windows XP reinstall on Max’s old computer. His system was being really flaky and I decided it was time to burn it down and start from scratch. Connor will be getting it as soon as I get home again and get a chance to set up the new Dell I bought for Max. I found a system with 2GB RAM, an AMD 5000+ processor, 128MB video card, 250GB HD and regular CD/RW-DVD drive. Clocked in, refurbished, at $339 plus shipping and tax. So not bad. He’ll be running almost as fast as me. But Windows takes forever to install with the updates and the numbers counted down more slowly than the miles on the drive home.

It only figures that the system was delivered Monday (the holiday) probably only an hour after I left. I would have stuck around a bit more to set it up had I known. I have been leaving at or before noon for the drive back to the cottage, which gets me here at about 7 or just after. I stopped for gas and to pick a few things up at the Newburgh Wal-Mart which got me in a bit later.

I bought lots of groceries at the Giant Eagle at The Waterfront before leaving as the prices here are much higher for staples than in Pittsburgh. Yogurt for some reason costs nearly double. I am only basing this on one store I was in but typically things run about 25% higher I would guess. Target seems to be at the same price for things as does Wal-Mart, but food it the exception at both and all supermarkets so far.

There are some notes for entries I want to make from this week that I will hopefully get to tomorrow or over the weekend. The plan is to stay at the cottage for the first weekend since coming up January 4. I am not sure about it though so I’ll have to let you know if I make it home or not. Stay tuned …

What have I learned this week … Given my druthers I prefer to shop anywhere but Big Lots in Newburgh, NY. Yes, that includes the Save-A-Lot in Duquesne. More on that later.

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