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Before I get too far into my post, here’s a song I’ve been wearing out lately in iTunes. I heard it first on WDUQ on Tony Mowad’s show, then picked up the CD on Half.Com. Hope you like it. The song is “All One” by Oscar Castro-Neves.

I have another one I hope to post soon too by a band called The Bad Plus. Same deal on where I heard it and picked it up. If anyone is interested in getting copies for themselves let me know.

January 31, 2008, Cornwall On Hudson, New York

Music is becoming important to me here. I have been very generous in spreading the wealth for the outlets I use. I am currently sponsoring WDUQ (for my jazz and NPR fix and because Max listens to Tony Mowad every night before going to bed) and SomaFM. If you don’t listen to any of the SomaFM stations, you are missing out on a lot of good music. They stream a lot of their stations to the iTunes radio area and you can check out their website too at somafm.com. I pledged $2.99 a month (barely a Starbucks anymore) and now have no guilt when I listen to their commercial free stations (Groove Salad under the heading of “Ambient” in iTunes radio is my favorite).

It’s been relatively nice the last couple of days here. Cold, but sunny. So my lunchtime walks have at least been enjoyable. The pedometer that I bought the other week to replace the crappy one I got for free with my Brita pitcher works so much better. It was only $4.99 at Target. I am trying to log 7,000 or more steps a day and with parking a little further away from my building and getting in a good half hour walk at lunch, that has not been a problem.

A breakdown on my step counts the past week:

Wednesday, 1/23: 9,176
Thursday, 1/24: 8,870
Friday, 1/25 – Sunday 1/27: Unmeasured, in Munhall On The Mon
Monday, 1/28: 7,717
Tuesday, 1/29: 7,039
Wednesday, 1/30: 10,070 steps thanks to a trip to the Newburgh Target, Wal-Mart and some supermarket.
Thursday, 1/31: 7,869

I was picking up a few items Thursday, groceries for lunch mostly, and sort of looking around for a Laundromat. I hate the thought of having to go to one this weekend to get my laundry cleaned, but it needs to happen if I am not going home. That’s still the plan. At the little complex at the Target in Newburgh, which is a huge store, well stocked and clean, and as a bonus has a Starbucks in the front where the photo place is at the one at The Waterfront, there is a place called “Steve’s Laundry” tucked away in the corner between a Rent-A-Center and pizza joint. Yeah, this should be fun.

The last time I remember being in a Laundromat was when we were on vacation in Universal Orlando. The Royal Pacific had a laundry room for guests. We took a boatload of quarters and a couple of bags of dirty clothes down and spent a couple of hours in there. Lisa and I took turns watching and switching loads while the boys were swimming. That was at least scenic. Doing laundry while on vacation was actually fun. Doing it this weekend at “Steve’s” while I’d rather be home will really suck.

A few more things to add but I’ll wait until tomorrow or over the weekend. I have not gotten around to trying a wine and spirits store here (the beer is right there in the grocery stores), and have been avoiding the temptation. But being stuck here might just be the final straw on that front. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes. I think there’s a little store in the Target complex. If not, there’s one in the Cornwall Plaza. Not that I have been making mental notes of all of these locations or anything …

What have I learned the last day or two? Walking is great exercise, none of the stores in the Target plaza in Newburgh have Dasani lemon flavored water, and Steve’s Laundry supposedly has 25 cent dryers. We’ll see if it lives up to the hype … better brush up on my Spanish.

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