April 3, 2008, Cornwall On Hudson, New York

So, I decided to take March off … I’ll send refund checks to everyone who subscribes prorated for the month later this month.

Sorry for the blackout. I have been relatively busy and other times lazy. I did make a few changes to the blog though and you can now leave comments (be kind) and see the archives listed in a nice menu on the left.

Before I get too into stories tonight, let me just relate one thing.

Bug juice.

Yeah, bug juice. I remember referring to bug juice when were in college living in the dorms. Like, “Yeah, let’s make some bug juice tonight,” thinking we could be like BJ and Hawkeye on M*A*S*H and brew up some killer spirits. Or, when I was in the Navy and we were sitting around the barracks saying, “Hey, let’s make some bug juice.” Pretty much the same thing, at a different time and place, with relative the same guys, if not in name then in personas.

But today. I can honestly say I finally made and had bug juice … lemme ‘splain. No, it takes too long, lemme ‘summup.

When I got back from Munhall on the Mon this week, I noticed there had been a massive die-off of what I generally refer to as ladybugs here. I am sure I have referenced them before.

Anyway, there were bodies all over the cottage. Mostly near the windowsills where the probably beat themselves to death against the windows trying to get out. I am down to probably only about 3 or 4 left at this point, at least that I can easily see.

So, this morning, while I was pouring water into my coffee maker, I noticed something seemed out of sorts in the reservoir. There was something on top of the water as it rose, and it was not a bubble, although it was shaped like one. Yeah, one of the little ladies made her way into the reservoir. I generally leave it open nights to let it dry out for the next morning. So … not being a very good morning person, I did not feel like complete gutting the coffee maker and disinfecting it. I nonchalantly scooped out the carcass (it was dead, is that good or bad?) and pressed the “on” button.

Voila, bug juice.

So, was this my first cup ‘o bug juice? Was the corpse of this bug lying in there for a couple of days or more and I only this morning noticed it? Does the hot water and Starbucks Café Vienna pack enough java to kill off anything me’ lady was carrying.

I may never know. But such is the life of a “bachelor” in the woods of New York. Feels like being back in the dorms at Slippery Rock or the barracks in Okinawa. Except I am sure the kick the bug juice I might have encountered there would have been a bit stronger.

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2 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    Couldn’t have been any worse than the coffee in the old North Side workhouse! Stick to Subway for the protein though, Survivor Man! I’m off to give the kitchen counter a good cleaning…

  2. bjdintampa@tampabay.rr.com says:

    Hi Mark,
    So I guess you’ve taken May off too, you lazy bastard?
    Hey, you’d better take your trip down under before it becomes too expensive to fly anywhere, what with fuel prices so out of control.
    BTW bug juice is probably good for you. It’s got to be better than high fructose corn syrup.
    Hope all is well in your world.
    Barbara (Donahoe, in case you couldn’t figure it out.)

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