Samurai Champloo

This morning I spent most of my bus ride thinking about Samurai Champloo. I borrowed the full series DVD set from the Carnegie Library, all 7 discs in the set, and had been hoping to rip the episodes to my computer so I could watch them at my leisure. I had them for an extended time, about 2 weeks or more, and initial attempts to rip them kept coming up short for some reason. I was not getting the full rip of the videos, which seem to be grouped in three-episode files on the discs. After several different apps failed, I left the set sitting on my desk as I set out to rip the DVD Wasabi, starring Jean Reno. That one ripped easily but there were issues with subtitles. It is in French and there is an English subtitle track, but I had not tried this before using the software I normally use, Handbrake. So, again, after several attempts, I think I have a good ripped copy with an English subtitle track. I’ll see when I try to watch it if I was successful or not.

Back to Samurai Champloo. Knowing I was going to be late or at least hitting up against the return date for Wasabi, I renewed that and on the day it was actually due, or the first day of the new period after the renewal, I took both Wasabi and the Samurai Champloo set back to the library. I often drop any DVDs off that I have borrowed in the morning, after I get my coffee and before heading to work.

That day, July 2, I swung by the library and dropped both off in the return box in front of the library. That way they can be accounted for early should any other titles I’ve requested come in that day. I think there is a limit of 5 DVDs at a time. I rarely have more than 2 or 3 out at any given time.

Anyway … I received a notice that Samurai Champloo is overdue and needs to be returned today (7/10). I had actually been thinking about this as I was in the catalog at the library online the other day and happened to click the “checked out items” area of my account and had seen that there. This was last week, maybe 7/3 or earlier this week, maybe 7/8. Wasabi was not listed on this page though. I figured they had just not recorded it being returned for some reason and it would be resolved once they scanned it.

This morning’s email seems to point to them not having the 7-disc set though. I have borrowed about a dozen or 15 DVDs in the last few months (likely more), and have not been late once with returning them to the library. I know I dropped that in the return box that morning, and that it slid all of the way into the box past the drop off point – I always make sure of that so someone cannot reach in and grab it if it does not slide all of the way down. Sort of like the double tilt when dropping a piece of mail into a mailbox.

So this afternoon at lunch I’ll be trekking over to the library and the first thing I am going to do is go to the shelves to see if the set is there. My hopes are that it is sitting there and they have just not properly cataloged it being returned. If it is there, I am not sure how to handle it. Do I grab it and take it to the registration desk, proving it is there, or would they think I am just returning it late, and have concocted a story to avoid late fees? Perhaps I need to just see if it is there, make my way to the desk then tell them I have returned it, and to have them check for themselves to see it is in fact on their shelves again.

If it is not there, I will be facing a huge battle of integrity with them. I would hope my record over the past few months would reflect a conscientious patron who always returns borrowed items within the specified period and not one who would be looking to steal materials and claiming he returned them only to add to hisĀ  personal collection.

Why does even the smallest thing have to be such a pain in the ass? Can’t I just return things and have them be acknowledged as being returned without going through this nonsense as I have been for the past few months? Petty annoyances like this can be draining. First world problems, I know …

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